Fun Writing Activity

Today before we began our Free Choice Writing session to get the students into the flow of being creative we began with a small class story game. To create this story the class sits in a circle and as we go around the circle each person adds a word and a story is created. Today my class created this story…


Once upon a time there was a big Minecraft sword with a pig who loved Powerangers. He was addicted to unicorns and dancing. So then he ate a chicken and a hamster . So he killed a creeper and a fat chicken. Saliva was dripping down all the way down his back and his backside, it was a terrible smell of the ugly, disgusting unicorn friends that he had eaten. However the smell was making a horrible noise as it ate his flesh.


The story may not make a lot of sense or even flow properly but the experience that the students gained from writing this as a class was fantastic and really rewarding.

Give it a shot in your class and see if the results surprise you, I know I will be doing this again!


Splat Out!

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