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Hi all this page is for people to discover more about me, it will eventually house a short video about me to give you guys the readers some more information about the creator and brains behind “The Splats”.


A little about me, I am currently in my second year of primary teaching after studying at Australian Catholic University and graduating with a Bachelor of Education (Primary). So far in my two years of teaching I have worked in two different schools and comparing them would be like comparing chalk and cheese. I count myself very fortunate to have worked in these schools as they have both broadened my scope of teaching. The first school that I worked at was a catholic school in Brighton, Victoria that was single stream school with closed classrooms. The second school that I have worked at (and currently employed at) is a catholic school in Dingley, Victoria. This school is a mixed level school that works in an open planned learning area design. I believe that having been exposed to both these approaches to education has made me a better educator and has allowed to to continue to grow as a teacher.




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