Term 3

Away we go again starting Term 3, it is really good to be back, rather refreshed and ready to go. I am looking forward to this term we have many exciting units planned, the most exciting bit being the excursion to the Melbourne Museum. This term I am also fortunate enough to the coach for the School Sports Victoria Under 12 girls team and we are traveling to Canberra in week 6 to compete in the National Championships. We started training last weekend and I am looking forward to seeing these girls develop further.


Over the holidays I had a chance to delve more into Google Docs and how I might use them in the classroom. I was able to create an online Time test that tests the students ability in the area of Time from year 1 all the way through to year 7. The form will then mark the test and highlight the students abilities according to the AusVELS standards. I am really looking forward to using this in my area and hopefully it will save time for all the teachers. Check out my resources page for more information.


I will aim to keep updating the blog as regularly as time allows, until next time enjoy the start of the term and…..



My First Semester

Wow what an exciting semester this has been at my new school! I have had an amazing time so far learning a whole different way of looking at teaching. Going into an open planned school was a bit scary at first but I am now loving it, particulary working with the fantastic teacher Miss A in my area, she is a fantastic resource to have in the middle school area. The overall Middle School team is an amazing team which has been fantastic working with! I cannot wait for the next term to start and to start blogging with our lovely bunch of coconuts in Grade 3/4.