Fun Writing Activity

Today before we began our Free Choice Writing session to get the students into the flow of being creative we began with a small class story game. To create this story the class sits in a circle and as we go around the circle each person adds a word and a story is created. Today my class created this story…


Once upon a time there was a big Minecraft sword with a pig who loved Powerangers. He was addicted to unicorns and dancing. So then he ate a chicken and a hamster . So he killed a creeper and a fat chicken. Saliva was dripping down all the way down his back and his backside, it was a terrible smell of the ugly, disgusting unicorn friends that he had eaten. However the smell was making a horrible noise as it ate his flesh.


The story may not make a lot of sense or even flow properly but the experience that the students gained from writing this as a class was fantastic and really rewarding.

Give it a shot in your class and see if the results surprise you, I know I will be doing this again!


Splat Out!

Meditation in your classroom

Meditation, not always something most people think of doing in their classroom. A lot of people that I have met and discussed it with have replied with “When would we find time do that!” or “But I don’t know how to run it or have the music!” My response to that is….




In my classroom the meditation takes five minutes to do after lunch. We don’t use any music, we don’t lie down and I haven’t ever been taught how to take it before.


The way that I have run the meditation is pretty simple really, the children all get a chair and sit facing me somewhere in the room. We get them to close their eyes and focus on their breathing. Once they are settled you get them to try to focus in on each part of their body; feeling it’s weight and noticing that it is there. Once they have done this you ask them to try to focus their hearing inside and then outside the classroom.


For something that only takes 5 minutes to do after lunch when they usually come back rowdy it is produced amazing results in the afternoon sessions.

Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.


Splat Out!

Busy School Holidays

Wow what a busy mid year school holidays I have had. It always surprises me at how fast the holidays go by before you even realise it you’re looking at heading back to school again. My holidays this time around were even more packed than usual. My holidays consisted of…


Junior State Championships

The Junior State Championships or JSC is aHockey Victoria tournament where representative teams from each region compete to become the state champion. I am fortunate enough to be the head coach of the Under 13 Southern Metro Region Girls team. After 8 weeks of training and practice matches we headed into the tournament as one of the favourites along with the Eastern and Northern zone teams. The big surprise of the tournament was the strength of the North Country team from Albury Wodonga who came out strong in the early rounds. Heading into the final day of the tournament it was a close battle for the top of the ladder with any team of these teams able to take first or second. Unfortunately for us in our first two games of the day we suffered some unfortunate injuries to two of our key players at bad times and went down in these games after dominating the majority of the time, knocking us out of contention. We finished of the day with a comprehensive win which made the girls feel good. On finals day we were disappointed in only playing off for fifth in the state and you could tell by how flat we played, we ended up losing the game and finished sixth. Congratulations must go out to the Northern Knights who went undefeated in the tournament and only conceded two goals. I was very proud of the girls in my team and was stoaked when four of them got selected for the Under 13 Hockey Victoria Team. I look forward to working with some of the girls again when I start coach the School Sports Victoria Under 12 team this weekend!

More to come soon!