Mathematic Pre and Post Tests

In my current school we use pre and post testing before and after each unit in Mathematics. This allows us to be able to differentiate the students and teach at their point of need. I have found this process really rewarding for both the students and us as educators, doing the pre and post test allows the students to see where they have grown over a three or four week unit and as teachers it allows us to see what the students don’t know before hand and lets us tailor our teaching to their needs. Bellow I have attached the pre and post test for the unit we have already run (Place Value, Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication and Division, Time will be uploaded soon). This year these test have been my area to create and then help the other teachers in the year three four area implement.



The colours in the tests relate to the AUSVels curriculum.

Purple = Foundation

Green = Level 1

Red = Level 2

Pink = Level 3

Maroon = Level 4

Orange = Level 5

Blue = Level 6


These I can statements were developed by Lyn Watts and I created the pre and post tests myself.



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