Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a fantastic tool to use in your classroom for your students to display their knowledge. Throughout this semester I have used multiple tools to mind map in the classroom. For those of you who are technological and use computers with your students there are a couple of fantastic websites you can use. Bubbl is an online mind mapping tool that lets you display your knowledge. Another great site is Sktechboard, the best way to describe this is imagine Google Docs but for drawing.


  • Bubbl
  • Sketchboard

However after using this tool I still believe that the best way to mind map is by pen and paper. Nothing beats the creativity that the students bring to their own mind maps. If you are looking for inspiration look no further than Paul Foreman’s website! He is a genius when it comes to displaying this information. See below for a fantastic example.


  • Mind Map Inspiration


Paul Foreman’s “Motivation”

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