Online Time Test

During the holiday I managed to develop an online Pre and Post test in the area of Mathematics – Time. To do this I used Google Forms and Google Spreadsheet. The test that I have created tests the students ability from years 1 to 7 aligned with the AusVELS curriculum. Once the students have completed the test the results are submitted to the spreadsheet and once you have all the students data you can then run the correction macro. This will then correct the students tests and highlight the AusVEL statements that the students have achieved and the ones that they haven’t been able to as yet.


I am aiming to use this in my classroom and the middle school area of my current workplace at the end of this week. The aim is that this will save the teachers a lot of time as they will not need to correct the tests and it will be easier to group the students into differentiated groups. It will also be able to print of a particulars students results of their Pre and Post test so they are able to see where they have improved.


I also believe that this will be helpful for the teachers come reporting time as they are able to see exactly what AusVEL statements each child has achieved. It is my eventual aim to try to create tests like this for all the areas of Mathematics to help the teachers create a document that contains all the students results from through the year and possibly even their whole school to display growth.


See below for some screenshots of the Google Form.



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