WEB 2.0 Module 10

Wow Module 10 the final module in the WEB 2.0 Course.


This module got me to look at creating Google sites and using Wikis. I really enjoyed this module as it forced me to think about how I can store my information and use Google to create a wider learning environment for my students and for myself. Having used Edmodo successfully last year I was sort of missing having that option again this year to contact the students with. Edmodo is an educational social network for the students to use. It allows for them to post on the wall of their class and interact with other students. The teacher can also set task, assign tests, create small groups and assess students work. It also allows for the students to submit assignments and work for the teacher to look at. As all the posts also get sent to the teacher and moderators email account it allows for the teacher to be able to see what is being posted on the site at all times.


During this course I have noticed how I have increased my area that I search and how I search for new lesson ideas and ways to stay informed about what is happening in the world of education. I believe I will continue to use this blog that I have created, LinkedIn and Twitter as my Virtual Learning Environments as they offer different avenues to be able to explore and discover new content.

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