WEB 2.0 Module 3

Google Docs and Google Drive

I am a massive fan of the Google Docs and what has now become Google Drive. I believe that Google Drive is a much better website and cloud device than Dropbox or iCloud. The way that Google Drive can be accessed on any tablet, computer or phone is extreemly convenient. In the modern teaching age where most of the time you take work home to complete or to finish off Google Drive is a much easier way to work on that pesty work without having to worry about your USB not working or leaving it back at school.


I personally use Google Drive for my personal documents and for my work documents. So far (touch wood) I have had no issues with using Google Drive and I don’t anticipate having to within the near future.


At school this term our level has created a planning drive on Google Drive, this drive allows us to upload our meeting agenda and work programs. This has been fantastic for the job share teachers who are not at school on meeting days to be able to still communicate to use during meetings. I can see how the Google Form would work fantastically, particularly in our 5/6 area that has 1-1 computers.


There are a few downsides that I can imagine when working towards a completely cloud drive based school. The main one that I thought of is the privacy of students information that is often kept on servers. This information can be quite sensitive and could be detremental if it came into the wrong hands. I believe that sometimes there is a time and place for cloud like storage and sometimes there is a need for the more traditional server based storage.

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