WEB 2.0 Module 4

Digital Literacies

Digital literacy can be used really well in the classroom if used effectively and with the right content. When reading through the list of recommended websites to visit and discover I was really surprised TED was not in there. www.ted.com is a fantastic website that has a lot of information and discussions that teachers and students could both benefit from.

I have previously used Prezi for creating and watching presentations at university. This website is a cloud based website that store presentations that have been created. Throughout university and my short teaching career I have been an active user of technology and like to use it when ever I get the chance. I love to use iMovie to create presentations and present information to students that would otherwise get lost within too much teacher talk. iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are great programs that allow the user to create short movies and presentations. At my previous school the grade 5/6 students would often use iMovie to create movies on what they had learnt at the end of each term and used it as part of their assessment. The grade 2 students that I had would often use video and voice recorders to record and present information.


Photostory, although a very outdated piece of software is still a fantastic program for producing digital literacy presentations. My current group of students are using Photostory to create a movie about their Inquiry learning “Plants in Action”. Photo story allows the students to use animations with their images and then record their voice to narrate the movie. The resulting work is quite amazing when they are finished.

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