WEB 2.0 Module 5

When looking at starting this Module I drew on my experiences during university and in class. During digital literacy lessons this semester as a level my school looked at mind mapping our ideas and concepts of ourselves, looking at the hand written one created by Paul Foreman (see resources page) and then began using www.bubbl.us to create a digital version of our mind maps. I found the students enjoyed using this online tool to help display their understanding. However I do think that there is still a place for the pen and pencil and creativity that Paul Foreman’s mind mapping allows for.


With the online presentation website www.prezi.com I had again used this tool in university to produce several presentations. I have found Prezi fantastic to use and an ideal way to present information and allow for easy sharing. I aim to use this within my classroom in the near future.


Below is a short Prezi about natural disasters that I will show my students at the beginning of Term 3, when we start our Inquiry unit of Beneath Our Feet.



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