WEB 2.0 Module 6

During this module I explored (for the first time) the use of image hosting sites. In the past I have only really used external devices and storage to keep all my images safe. This is mainly due to the lack of internet bandwidth and online storage that is now more readily available. After looking at Picasa I can see the benefit of keeping your images online for personal use and I believe that when I begin to travel more in future I think it is something that I will look at to save and share my images.


However in the classroom I am still unsure of how I feel about using it due to privacy issues and image hosting rights. I am not sure how comfortable I would be uploading images of students to this website and their “secure” server. I can see how it might be used in the classroom but I would like to see how other teachers and classes use it, before I begin to use it in my teaching.

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