WEB 2.0 Module 9

Having been an avid user of twitter for a couple of years now I have a fair understanding of how it works. However it wasn’t until recently that I began to look at it more in an Educational sense. Wanting to keep my private life and work life separate I created a brand new Twitter account designed for educational use. Since i have started using it I have become increasingly aware of how powerful it can be. I am still unsure of how i might use it in my classroom, but on a personal development and learning level I don’t think I’ll look back!

For me facebook amd second life are sites that you keep as personal and private and should not be used in an educational or school environment. They are fantastic for social networking but I believe that they just aren’t appropriate for other uses.

The big newbie (for me anyway) is LinkedIn. Many of my friends are big users of LinkedIn but they work in marketing and business and use it to advertise themselves to potential clients or employers. As I was interested in seeing how it works I created an account and started to develop my profile, after a couple of hours of exploring the site I could see how it can be very effective in advertising yourself to prospective clients and bosses. I am interested to see where it headed in the future with education communities but I am eagerly awaiting the developments.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Hi, I thought you might be interested in viewing the ‘Connecting with the Community’ story on CEVN http://cevn.cecv.catholic.edu.au/icon/schoolstories.htm to see how a primary school uses this.

    In terms of using with students you need to ensure that your students meet the age requirements.

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